ANYA: apologetic Student

TIM: victimised Student

CLASS: unaware of the setup


The Taft Library in Jonathan Edwards College, Yale University. As part of a seminar TIM has just presented an artwork to the CLASS.

TIM announces he will subsequently present a second artwork.

TIM ostentatiously texts ANYA

ANYA arrives in a hurry at Jonathan Edwards College and calls TIM

TIM answers the phone and leaves the library to open the door for ANYA

The CLASS follows Tim down the staircase

As ANYA is walking up she encounters TIM followed by the CLASS. ANYA looks apologetic.

TIM, the CLASS and ANYA all hold still in the staircase.

TIM acts tense and signals ANYA to speak up.

ANYA looks quite unhappy and acts guilty. She starts recounting what occurred:

ANYA biked around campus yesterday, collided with TIM on the sidewalk

TIM dropped the artwork he was carrying and the fragile work shattered

ANYA starts to apologise to the class for destroying TIMs work as it was intended for viewing in this seminar.

ANYA gives a short but vivid and laudatory description of the work as it looked before she destroyed it.


ANYA apologizes to TIM

TIM thanks ANYA reluctantly

ANYA hurries away, still looking very unhappy

TIM leaves Jonathan Edwards College with the CLASS


Apology, script and reference image. Situation on 15 december 2015, John Edwards College, Yale University, New Haven CT.