Tim Enthoven - YveYANG Gallery - morals as materials

morals as materials, YveYANG Gallery, New York, USA, 2024

Starting point for this project was my curiosity in the entanglement of morality and aesthetics in art. I am fascinated by how this relation has developed over time in different locations, but also very much in what it can tell us about our current times  more

Tim Enthoven - House, installation view - 2021

House, YveYANG Gallery, New York, USA 2021  more

Tim Enthoven Repugnant Conclusion Installation View at Fons Welters Gallery,   2019

Repugnant Conclusion, Fons Welter Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2019  more

Tim Enthoven - Du Hast - 2023

Speculative Speculum, Raum Mit Licht, Vienna, Austria, 2023

Tim Enthoven - Wall Section 1, installation view - 2021

Building & Dreaming, By Art Matters Museum, Hangzhou, China, 2022.

Wall Section 2, 2020, 140 x 170 cm, oil, pen and pencil on linen. Installation view at OoEli Hangzhou, China

Every Day is a New Day, OoEli Art Center, Hangzhou, China, 2020

Tim Enthoven - I Could See The Smallest Things - Antenna Space, Shanghai - 2019

I Could See The Smallest Things, Antenna Space, Shanghai, China, 2019

Tim Enthoven - Binnenskamers - Expositie

Puertas Adentro (Binnenskamers), Espacio Odeon, Bogota, Colombia, 2018