installation view

installation view

Design for a Bookcase, 2019, 195 x 200 cm, gouache, pigment print and collage on colored paper, on panel

Design for a Garden Fence Panel, 2019, 45 x 54 cm, watercolors, pencil and pigment pen on paper

A design for a garden fence made out of biting, interlocking golden retrievers - reducing the dogs to mere protective material - that can never be executed. Precisely because it can not be executed it points at all the other facets that make these dogs dogs. And though this may seem absurd it is not far off from the reductive relationships we generally foster with other animals and specifically the ones we call companion animals.


Design for a Gate, 2019, 45 x 36 cm, watercolors, pencil and pigment pen on paper

Patch of Giant Hogweed, 2019, 65 x 100 cm, pencil, gouache and felt tip on paper

Repugnant Conclusion, 2019, 195 x 200 cm, pencil, watercolours, felt tip and pigment print on paper, on panel

Mere Addition, 2019, 65 x 100 cm each, pencil, gouache, felt tip and watercolours on paper