‘The Tiny Tim, the early years of Tim Enthoven, 1994 - 2003’

'The Tiny Tim' is the first publication of the works the tiny Tim created as he grew up. Through the medium of the catalogue it shows and tells the coming of age of the tiny Tim, and how he developed as an artist. A selection of drawings and installations, created between the age of 9 and 17, is presented in 4 booklets and 7 miniature reproductions.

Cover 18 cm x 24 cm cardboard, 7 booklets + introduction, different dimensions

Drawings: Tim Enthoven

Text: Jan van Tienen and Julia Veldman c

Design: HeyHeyHey

Photography: Boudewijn Bollmann and Fieke van Berkom

Editor: Angelique Spaninks

Publisher: MU

Printer: Drukkerij Hub Tonnaer

ISBN 978-90-79423-00-2